In advance of a product launch or rather in the series logistics we ensure the component availability. Thereby we accompany the components from the early phase to the “Production Readiness” and supervise suppliers when having delivery disturbances. We develop solutions for a consistent and synchronized logistics and ensure transparency within the process operation.

Launch Control

    • Supplier Management
    • Series Start-up Support
    • Vehicle Component Support
    • Audits / Process Analysis
    • Project Planning and Development
    • Logistics Management
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    The essential requirement for a successful vehicle market launch is a well-integrated cooperation with the supplier. This can be designed preemptively as well as reactively. Against this backdrop we support you with:
    - the choice and evaluation of suppliers
    - the development and qualification of suppliers
    - suppliers controlling (on-time delivery and delivery quality)
    - support with critical suppliers and Trouble Shooting (Resident Engineering)

    Supplier Management

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    For the supplier the focus is set on the process development and its optimization for the production and security of current quality standards- especially concerning critical components and for new parts or rather new suppliers. We take over the advanced quality planning, that means we plan and accompany the production processes and product release, we organize process and measuring equipment ability analyses and in doing so we ensure the series production to the production peak.

    Series Start-up Support

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    Our employees are responsible for the maturity level of purchased parts. In the process they supervise the components from the prepared start of production to the discontinued model. In consultation with the suppliers, the technical development as well as the production, they implement measures for avoiding errors and accompany processes that secure production safety and quality at the suppliers. They are oriented towards the customers’ quality aims, they observe and analyze the respective level of quality of the defined extent and execute quality topics in a results-oriented manner.

    Vehicle Component Support

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    We organize and accompany process, product and system audits according to ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949 and VDA 6.x. Within the process analyses we identify risks and potentials which we implement in cooperation with the customer in the process optimization. In doing so, we use the current quality methods and techniques. The efficiency monitoring and the guarantee of the sustainability of the initiated measures are ensured by means of measurable target figures.

    Audits / Process Analysis

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    Within the project management we take over all necessary tasks in order to reach the goals while simultaneously considering the given temporal and financial parameters. We approach the following tasks with our project engineers:
    -project management and project structuring
    -sequential and deadline control
    -project controlling/indicator systems/ reviews
    -production and assembly scheduling
    -coordination between development and production

    Project Planning and Development

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    We simulate provision at the line, plan sequencing for the series, we also plan and implement super markets and commissioning zones within the material supply planning. We create layouts in the area planning, plan line intercourse, storage systems and organize the control center- with other words we take care.

    Logistics Management