SELB Consulting takes over tasks like checking and replacing car parts, as well as the handling of scrap parts and delivers necessary data for the process of eliminating errors. The defined goal is the permanent enhancement of the vehicle quality and the optimization of the analysis processes in order to guarantee the sustainability of the operations. The requirement for this is, besides the long term experience of the employees in the field of vehicle repair, in particular a profound knowledge in the fields of measurement technology and automotive electronics

Product Technique

    • Prototypes and Vehicle Development
    • Car Parts Replacement and Examination
    • Task Force Product Technique
    • Technical Vehicle Preparation
    • Production Start-up Coverage
    • Handling Scrap Parts
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    We provide a professional and reliable support for the assembly of prototypes and pre-series vehicles.

    Prototypes and Vehicle Development

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    For the completion of our tasks we put great emphasis on employees with fundamental experience that means experience gained from worldwide services prior to market launches and additional further training. We repeatedly demonstrate this professional know-how in diverse fields of application.

    Car Parts Replacement and Examination

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    Due to our Task-Force-Team that operates internationally, we are able to react immediately to unforeseen situations. We organize fast and flexible vehicle conversions and facilitate a delivery of the vehicle which is of perfect quality. Vehicle Flash actions with software updates and commissioning are also included.

    Task Force Product Technique

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    We accompany market launches and prepare event, exhibition and demonstration vehicles for their presentation. We take care of the conditioning of off-lease, exhibition and fleet vehicles.

    Technical Vehicle Preparation

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    We offer a worldwide technical support for the market launch of vehicles, starting with the revision of specific complaints, the test drive and evaluation of the vehicles to the replacement of vehicle components.

    Production Start-up Coverage

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    For us, precision and meticulousness within the scrap parts testing are at top priority. This is why we deliver a complete presentation and report of the results of the verification measures. After determining the cause we define, in close cooperation with the specialist departments, and develop suggestions for sustainable error elimination processes.

    Handling Scrap Parts